Medical Spanish

The goal of the Medical Spanish Program is to graduate a cohort of students fully competent to work as bilingual Spanish-English medical providers. Upon graduation, students will be able:

  1. SpanishpageTo take a patient history, to conduct a physical exam and to discuss treatment options
 in Spanish accurately and efficiently
  2. To demonstrate knowledge and respect of aspects of Latino culture that can affect 
patients’ health and their healthcare decisions during the provision of care
  3. To demonstrate proficiency in writing a SOAP note and presenting a medical case to 
a native Spanish-speaking faculty
  4. To identify and address health needs of Spanish-speaking communities

You can access the Medical Spanish materials from the CTools site by logging in with your uniqname and level 1 password. Once logged onto CTools, click on the “Medicine in Spanish” tab and look under “Resources” to find a variety of Medical Spanish resources.

For more information, contact the Medical Spanish Director: Jon Waldmann (

Contact LANAMA

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